We have unique one-of-a-kind home decor and gifts for friends, family or yourself. Many of our gift items our made here in Hawaii by local artists.

Tropical Art, Woodstock Wind Chimes, Kotobuki Sushi and Sake sets, glassware, tableware, unique sculptures, incense, candles and much more! Stop by to see our latest treasures as new inventory arrives frequently.

Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chimes elevated the wind chime into an item that combines beauty with musical relevance, using a technique that precision tunes the company’s wind chimes to musical scales.

Founder Garry Kvistad says “When you’re purchasing a wind chime, you should close your eyes and listen to it. If you have an immediate, positive reaction to the sound, it’s an ideal wind chime for you.”


Candles and Incense

Fun and colorful candle holders, plus high quality, long-lasting candles including 100% beeswax and tapered Danish candles.  We bring in the popular “Song of India” incense.

Night Lights

These colorful and tropical night lights are hand made using recaptured fused glass. Each piece is designed in the USA, made in Ecuador and then assembled in the USA.


Glass Art

We have beautiful glass art pieces made by a local glass artist.  Select from colorful platters or smaller pieces shaped as fish, ocean waves, Hawaiian petroglyphs and more.

Sampling of our Giftware