Come see our new selection of La Siesta hammocks!

Choose from Double or Family sized hammocks with solid wood stands, hammock chairs, or lightweight travel hammocks, single, double or chairs! For a perfect hammock experience, we recommend a diagonal lying position—this creates more surface area (i.e. comfort) by allowing your body to “spread out” and open the cloth surface.

Why we love La Siesta Hammocks:

Weatherproof Fabric – La Siesta weatherproof fabric was specially designed for the particular requirements of outdoor hammocks. It is easy to maintain, quick-drying and weather-resistant. It’s mold-, mildew- and UV-damage resistant—plus the material is recyclable and can be re-used!

Tearproof Edges – Incredibly durable weaving safeguards against common damage to the fabric. Reinforced selvages with double weft threads are particularly tearproof, helping to ensure years of blissful relaxation.

Plenty of Suspension Cords – The number of suspension cords is directly related to the overall comfort and durability of a hammock. The more there are, the more evenly your weight is distributed—creating a feeling of weightlessness!